Feeling Oh-So-Grateful


I haven’t posted in a few days. But I felt compelled to send you each a thank you note as I come upon the 6-month anniversary of my first post here.

When I left my career 7 years ago, I knew I was making the right decision for our family. But I LOVED my TV producing job and knew that taking writing out of my life was stripping me of something that was profoundly a part of me.  As much as I tried to sneak in a journal here-or-there (and tried writing the next Great American Novel), nothing was sustainable… until now. 

The key: accountability. I needed to know someone was interested; someone was reading. 

When I worked in TV news, I would scrutinize the ratings each-and-every-day wanting to know:  Was anyone really watching? And, more importantly…. why?  

This story best exemplifies my neurosis:

Many moons ago, early in my career, I wrote a story about how the way couples sleep together can decode their relationships. That night, after the story aired, I was at a party and overheard some women talking about it. They, literally, relayed the story to their friends WORD-for-WORD (without knowing who I was).  It made me realize the power of the broadcast word and how people believe what they see and hear on TV. 

This knowledge helped guide me for the next 12 years of my career, until that career ended with the birth of our oldest son.

Now that I’ve traded in broadcasting for ‘posting’, it’s amazing to me that you are actually reading this little experiment of mine. 

You come from the U.S. From Canada. From the U.K. From Singapore!!  

You might be my sister-in-law. My aunt. My cousin. 

My neighbor. My former roommate. My former colleague.

My friend from high school. My sorority sister.

My friend from our kids’ preschool. From our elementary school.

You might be my mother. My mother-in-law.

I don’t know who you are! But I want you to know that I am humbled beyond measure. When read that all of you have read my blog over these past few weeks, it brings me to tears because I never thought I’d find such joy AND value in my writing again. 

So… thank you!!!

But I want this to be so much more interactive than it is. I REALLY want to hear from you!!!

I want to know what you’ve tried. What you loved. What you hated. I think as a community, we could help each other teach our kids to eat well.

So let me hear it!!  Here on this site!  Give me your success stories and let’s try them out together!!  Tell me about the dinners  your kids hated — I’ll experiment on my kids!  (poor kids!)  🙂

And remember… I’m always grateful to you. You are the reason I found my voice again….



One thought on “Feeling Oh-So-Grateful

  1. Happy to check in! Love reading your post and am going to try a version of your spaghetti squash recipe tonight! Love to read your blog because we seem to be blogging for very similar reasons.

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