Make Ahead Meals – Part 2

Scent of a Home 


There’s something about the smell of spaghetti sauce wafting through the house. It’s almost medicinal. One could even call it therapeutic. Homey. Anyone with an Italian mother will know this to be true.  I certainly do.

So when my husband caught wind of the smell of my latest ‘make-ahead’ meal tonight, his eyes perked up.

“Spaghetti and meatballs???” he asked hopefully.

“Nope,” I replied.  “I’m trying NEW meals for my blog!”

I’m not going to lie.  He looked a bit crest-fallen.  After all, spaghetti and meatballs is one of his favorites. Same goes for our kids. And since my family loves it, I make it.  A lot.

But tonight I went in a new direction and tried something I’ve never made before: linguine with red clam sauce. And, of course, I used “Old Trusty” so I could toss this meal together and go.  The Crock Pot.

Linguine with Red Clam Sauce & Steamed Green Beans


Can I get a ‘Hollah!’ from all of you who love your Crock Pots?

I always turn to it for these types of comfort foods that work when you have places to go, people to see.  Typically, Red Clam Sauce is made on the stove top. So I was pretty stoked when I found this recipe on Taste Of Home. 

I threw it all together in the crock pot at 3pm for a 6pm dinner (although I think you could add some water to the recipe and cook it on ‘low’ for longer.)

I didn’t have an onion in the house (the horror!) so I used dried chopped onions. And I used garlic powder and dried herbs.

No matter.  I thought this was delicious.

Having grown up in New Jersey, where great Italian food is more prevalent than McDonald’s, clam sauce is my own personal litmus test.  (we all have one!)  I would always order white or red clam sauce to know if the restaurant was a place worthy of my patronage.

The sauce tonight was thick and rich and delicious. Full of clam flavor which didn’t overpower the tomatoes. Just enough garlic. Salty without making me pucker. Yum.

So I served it up with a side of green beans steamed in the bag (4 minutes while the pasta cooked.)  Linguine With Red Clam Sauce & Steamed Green Beans

Everyone devoured their dinners in minutes.

  • My 5 year old — who will eat just about anything I put in front of him — had THREE helpings!  (and then he asked for a FOURTH!!)
  • My 6 year old had 2 helpings.
  • My 3 year old had 2 helpings.
  • The Hubs had 2 helpings.

Pretty successful, right?


“Z” — my 5yo — loved it and wants me to make it again.

Everyone else wants me to stick to Spaghetti and Meatballs.

Oh well.  Isn’t the point of this blog to expose us all to cooking and eating new meals?!?   YES!!!

We’ll try again tomorrow.

Oh… and tomorrow’s meal is already made!!   I had a few minutes today while putting the sauce together, that I prepped for tomorrow’s dinner and…. here it is!!!

Tomorrow's Dinner!

You’ll have to read the blog tomorrow to see what it is….

How’s that for a tease?

Happy eatings!!


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