A new adventure!


Thank you for joining me on this new adventure!

I’m a writer by education and trade:  I was an Emmy-award winning TV news producer in my former life.  But when my oldest of three children was born in 2006, I left television behind for a job as a stay-at-home mom.

I love being a mom.  The rewards and challenges of parenthood are amazing!  And, honestly, while my kids have their moments, they really are pretty awesome (if I do say so myself!)  But there’s been a part of me that misses the creative outlet the written word has provided me.  Several friends over the years have encouraged me to start a blog, but I never knew what to write about.  Until tonight.

It was 4pm and I needed a dinner plan — quick!   So I opened the fridge and found the following ingredients:

  1. eggplant
  2. zucchini
  3. tomatoes
  4. shrimp (in the freezer)

I thought four delicious items should make something tasty — so, like most nights when I have this issue, I hit the internet and this is what I found:


Now — if you read the ‘About Me’ section of this site, you know my kids are good eaters.  In fact, they’re such good eaters that we are constantly asked what we did to make them that way.  I think it’s because we expose them to different foods — over and over.    I also allow my children to pick new veggies and fruits they see in the grocery store and have them challenge me to come up with ways to prepare them.   (that’s how brussel sprouts became a favorite in our home.)

But we definitely have nights where the kids are a little more resistant to new foods than others.   So when I found this recipe, I thought it might encounter some backlash.   That’s why I added the shrimp — because my kids LOVE shrimp.   Here’s how it looked:


The results were mixed: my DH and 5 year old liked it.  In fact, my 5yo said — and I quote! — “I could eat this EVERY night!”  My 6yo and 3yo were a little less enthusiastic.  But my 6yo did eat two helpings, and my 3yo ate it once she saw everyone else eating ice cream for dessert.  (in our house, if you do not eat dinner: you do not eat dessert.)

So… if I were giving it a ‘fork’ rating:  out of five forks (since there are 5 people in our family)… I’m giving this one a 3.

(a sidenote: once I get the technical hang of this blogging thing, I’ll actually include images and will figure out a way to show 3 out of 5 forks.)  🙂

Wishing your family happy mealtimes!


3 thoughts on “A new adventure!

  1. Yeah Sharon! I love your blog and the recipe looks yum. As a former chef but now a very happy stay at home mom, I have lost my mojo in the kitchen. So thank you for the inspiration!

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